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Police Talking to Village Council
Organization membership serves as a power base of neighborhood residents who are willing to come together to implement change for the good of the entire neighborhood. Members donate their time and efforts to the organization. They do research, study the root causes of problems, learn how to bring about change, explore solutions, and take action. That commitment has resulted in a number of accomplishments:

Saved the Bush Street Fire Station, built new fire station near Cranes Landing
  Saved the Summit YMCA for Head Start
  Assisted in design of the Lagrange Library and new schools
  First in Toledo to implement off duty community policing program
  Successful “Keep Jeep” Campaign with a parade and rally
  Successfully dealt with the Neo-Nazi Disturbance
  Helped shut down John Ulmer’s Westhaven Group, one of the city’s biggest slumlords not only in our ONE Village neighborhoods but also the City of Toledo.  Ulmer is still serving his prison sentence.
Won a commitment from Toledo Board of Education to keep the new schools being built in the neighborhood
Launched an education-organizing campaign in 2006 to build a base of parent involvement to address school reform issues affecting academic improvement
Won a commitment from Toledo Public Schools to keep ONE Village elementary school students in the same classroom for one year by providing transportation
Led the successful campaign to vote the first dry precinct in the history of Lucas County
Convinced the Ohio Liquor Commission not to renew the liquor license of a problem bar in the neighborhood
Won commitments from the City of Toledo totaling over six miles of street resurfacing in the neighborhood
Eliminated countless blighted and nuisance houses and businesses
Won a campaign for increased police protection
    Advocated for new Parks including Mulberry, Sherman, Kid Spot
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