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  Every year right before Lent, the ONE Village Council sponsors its most popular fund-raising event – Paczki Sales – held just before Lent.  
  Pacski's - Yum!  

Thank you for your support in 2017!

Because of all the hardwork of our volunteers and supporters, this fundraiser brought more than $10,000 back to the community.  Thank you!


As we get closer to the Lenten season, we get our taste buds ready for the rich deliciousness of a paczki.  You can order yours online, over the phone and in person. 

3101 Lagrange St. Toledo, OH 43608


$7/half dozen $14/dozen $12/polish coffee cake




You are encouraged to come by and make your selection of your favorite favors. 

Fat Tuesday wouldn’t be the same without treating your sweet tooth to everyone’s favorite Polish Lenten pastry — paczki! But how did this now-famous treat come to be and why is it such a big hit in the greater Toledo area? And, more importantly, how in the world do you pronounce it? The last question is the easiest to answer: poonch-key.

Paczki are giant-size Polish pastries similar to jelly donuts that come either plain with a sugar coating or with a variety of fillings such as the traditional prune, custard, or raisin or the more contemporary fillings of raspberry, lemon, or apricot.

Many religions around the world celebrate a period of fasting just prior to a significant religious holiday, oftentimes preceded by a day of indulgence. Many of the world’s Christians observe Lent, which is their period of fasting before Easter. And many Polish Christians also observe Fat Tuesday (our Paczki Day) that represents the period of indulgence just prior to the fast. There is also a practical reason for paczki. They were originally developed in Poland to use up any remaining eggs, sugar, and butter before the Lenten fast began.

Toledo’s Polish International Village has created the marketing phenomenon we now call Paczki Days. The first Paczki Days in 1990 was developed by the Lagrange Village Council to raise some much needed funds for neighborhood improvements. It has blossomed into a major neighborhood event that attracts not only residents from our ONE Village community, but also the surrounding region. Because of the popularity of this Fat Tuesday pastry, many local grocery stores and bakeries now also feature paczki just before Lent.

But authentic Polish paczki in Toledo is synonymous with Lagrange Street. And thousands of visitors are expected to again visit Polish International Village over the three-day celebration for their share of the giant-sized Polish pastries for which the “Village” is so well known. This year’s flavors include raspberry, blueberry, apple, custard, lemon, apricot and raisin, along with the traditional plain and prune-filled paczki.

And best of all, proceeds from the sales of paczki support the many neighborhood improvement programs of United North and the ONE Village Council.

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