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  The ONE Village Council (OVC) is comprised of individuals living in ONE Village who are committed to encouraging residents, businesses and government to be more responsive to the needs of our ONE Village neighborhoods. The ONE Village Council strives to strengthen ONE Village socially, economically and politically. And, thanks to the unrelenting push from OVC members to improve the neighborhood, an increased quality of life is more than a dream – it is becoming a reality.  


The ONE Village Council is divided into 15 geographical areas, each comprised of neighborhood residents who annually elect one person to serve as an Area Representative on OVC’s Governing Committee. The Governing Committee provides a cohesive unit for all neighborhood groups to build a power base on issues of primary concern for the entire neighborhood. The Governing Committee elects four members to an Executive Committee that serves a one-year term.

OVC has professionally-trained organizers and leaders that recruit, door to door, dues-paying members who then come together to decide what issues affect them most profoundly. The membership of the ONE Village Council is comprised of residents and businesses in ONE Village who pay annual dues of $25. The Friends of the ONE Village Council include any non-resident individual or group interested in improving our neighborhoods by volunteering, donating and/or investing in our community.

Click here for a membership application.

For information on how to join the ONE Village Council, email onevillagecouncil@unitednorth.org or call (419) 724.5640.

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