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In partnerships with United North, City of Toledo and ONE Village Council, the neighborhood reactivated the Off-Duty Community Policing Program with an emphasis on the five safety strategies identified in United North's Quality of Life Plan:

  • off-duty police patrols
  • alley and street lighting
  • parent responsibility, and
  • problem properties

United North is also working to sustain its highly successful Weed and Seed project. We are continuing to "weed" out crime and "seed" in preventative programming and neighborhood restoration projects with the support of the Safety Subcommittee and the Parks & Community Facitliies Subcommittee of the ONE Village Action Committee and the North Toledo Network.

  Weed anad Seed Kids  

Community police officers work continually to decrease incidents of prostitution and address illegal drug activity and other criminal activities that affect quality of life in our neighborhood. Community policing strategies include fostering various community groups, such as block watch, and assisting neighborhood residents returning home after incarceration.

The prevention/intervention/treatment strategy strives to ensure that families have access to all the services and support they need to make their lives and our neighborhood safe and healthy. This strategy also addresses the historic integrity of the neighborhood by developing new housing and home ownership opportunities for residents and implementing beautification projects that make a positive difference in our community. Current projects include:

For more information, contact United North via e-mail at: onevillagecouncil@unitednorth.org or by telephone at 419.724.5640.

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